Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The beginning of something beautiful...

But right now, it's downright disgusting.

This is what we are dealing with folks.......

Potty training is NOT easy. Especially with a two year old who already has issues "going to the potty" if you catch my drift?! And especially not with a crusty toilet, wrapped in paper towel!

Hey, at least there is paper towel, kid. Count your blessings!!

Poor kid. He will kill me for this one day. But honestly, that's face. He's pitiful but he's gotta be the cutest thing ever.....and it makes for funny memories.

Even if the smell of this day still haunts me....

The Chewbacca-mobile

Yes, my parents bought a Toro "side-by-side" for "work purposes".
And yes, of course they named him "Chewbacca".
A very logical choice.
Lukie-poo loves Star Wars. So yes, it was a logical choice.
It rumbles. It roars. And it is hairy.

Ok, maybe it isn't hairy, but it does get covered in spiderwebs quite often as we fly through the woods at break-neck speeds.
(NOTE: Always wear flip flops while riding the Chewbacca-mobile. You never know when you might need a weapon of spider defense!)

The "Bacca" as we so lovingly call it, has already more than served his purpose on "the farm".
The kids love it. But the adults love it too.
He's a workhorse. He's fun.
He's dangerous.

Jazz has already tried to prove his Paul Bunyan skills and use the Chewbacca-mobile to take out a light pole.
The pole was a good road block. Thank heavens! Scared me to death. We could've had a mushed Jazz. We don't want a mushed Jazz.
The obligatory "You don't ever, ever, NEVER play on this. It is NOT a toy!" speech even took place. Poor kid.
Did you know that a Toro doesn't have to have keys to take it out of park?
Who woulda thunk it, right?
Well we know now.

The things Chewbacca can teach you!

The boys and their toys.
I have a feeling they will be the death of me.
But they sure are fun!!

We've got a lot to learn about living on a "farm".
Let's hope we keep all hands, fingers, toes and light poles in the process.

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