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Hey y'all! I'm Amanda. I'm the Momma ruling the nest at our peaceful haven!

I started this blog as a way to document the progress of our renovations at our new-old 1920's farm house here in North Carolina. Between my handy husband and some awesome family, we will be doing all of the renovations ourselves. And we will pray that the paint lasts longer than a couple years before peeling and the shingles don't blow off during the first good "hurricane" wind!!

We have no clue what we are doing (well I should speak for myself) but we are learning to sling hammers and dig trenches while not taking life too seriously and growing as a family in Jesus Christ each step of the way.

It has always been a dream of mine to remodel a home. When this opportunity came about by my awesome mom and step-dad, I could hardly wait to start picking out paint colors and fabric for chair recoverings. Who knew there were more important things to do first?! But that's where Hubs steps in. He brought me back down to reality that this was more than a two month reno. I want to be in the house before Thanksgiving 2013. He says "it'll be done when we get done". We'll see who is right soon enough!

So meet the Hubs. He is definitely my opposite in a lot of ways. Where he lacks in creativity and extroverted-ness, I am his right-brain and where I majorly lack in patience and logic, he is my left-brain. See? Perfection. God knew what he was doing when he paired us up through a blind date with friends over ten years ago. 

We were married in March of 2006, and I couldn't haven been a more happy Bride...and still am! 

It amazes me, this man's talent. If he doesn't know how to do something...he learns...and he does it well. I'm impressed!! He's the brains behind the operation.

Then there's the rest of the crew! Our family is unique. Most people don't know our dynamic and the mix we have going on (I call it our "just add water family") but honestly, it doesn't matter! What matters is that our home is filled with a whole lotta love in the form of sweet, beautiful children!! (who love to fight, squeal, act crazy, and stay gone too long!!) Together we have five children and they are, honestly, our biggest blessings from the good Lord above!

God knew what I needed, just when I needed it in life. He is the Provider and the only way I've made it through this crazy journey of life. He brought me a most wonderfully perfect husband, four amazing children in ways I would've never thought possible and He has made my soul glad and my heart overflow. Who knows what God has in store for our future but one thing is for sure, right now, we have ALL we will ever need.

I just can't imagine life any other way. Meet our family...

The Sweetest Little Girl

My Favorite Teenager
The Rowdy Boys

Stylish Knuckleheads
My Man Crush
Can never have too many baby pictures!

Well folks. I'm not sure what you are expect from a "peaceful haven" but this is ours.
We laugh a lot. Make stupid faces. Have a crazy dynamic.
But we are us. And I love it. It is perfect.
God gave me this life, with these people.

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