Wednesday, October 9, 2013

House Tour: //BEFORE//

I promise to come back with some more wide-angle images to show rooms better. But for now, here are a few images showing each room when we first got the place. Seems to not be so bad looking at the pictures. Too bad smell-o-vision still hasn't had its kinks all worked out!! The damp, musty, moth ball smell totally puts things into perspective!

Left side of the kitchen. Windows face the front of the house.
Right side of kitchen. Windows face left side of the house from the road.
Kitchen built-in shelving. Facing the back of kitchen.
Looking into the kitchen from the back door.
Kitchen floor. Wowzers. There's hardwood under there!
Too bad it is covered in tar :( But look at the cute checkerboard linoleum!
Pink & Gross... Hello? Pinterest, are you there?
Nasty light switches and lovely plastic "tile".
Fancy schmancy mirror and lights.
Another fancy light and gross ceiling vent. Also shows the old leaks.
Sheet laminate flooring. Gross. 'nuff said.
Another view of the vanity & sink.

Looking into the back of the future Master Bedroom.
Side view of Master Bedroom. Windows look out onto left side of house.
Landing area. Will be future sitting area/Master dressing area.

Future Dining Room. Window looks out to right side of house.
The peeling ceilings.
View into front room. Closet cut off on right side.
The spooky ole closet under the stairs.

Door opens to right side of house. Old porch or sunroom?
Set of four windows looking out to front yard.
End window looks out to left side of house.

Looking into Dining Room. Side Door to left.
Door into hallway. House is a big circle.
Window looks out to back yard. Nasty laminate everywhere.

Closet to left. Window looks to back yard.

Window looks to left of house. Amazing old sink/shower area.
Rotten shelves to be replaced.

Future linen closet/spare potty. Odd room!
Stairway from middle room in house.
(not pictured)
Door from hallway into middle room. (not pictured)
Used to be door to outside before addition in 70's.

Hope that gives you a good idea of our "canvas" that we will be working with! Home was built in the 20's with only 3 rooms, 4 including the landing area upstairs. In the 70's they added on what will be the living room, bathroom and spare/craft room & hallway. Can't wait to see this place take shape!! MORE IMAGES TO COME!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Ones I Actually Got

I wanted these....

Or these.... (and I will have these bright red. no pink. no green?!?!)

But I got these instead.

And I dare you to tell me that a chick isn't hot in camo boots. Shooooooot! (in my best Mater voice) Either you are hot, lookin' smokin' hot,...or your hot, heat hot, in these suckers!!

Ok, so they aren't as stylish as the fancy colorful ones above, but at least I can hide from deer while I'm painting cabinets and sanding pallet wood! These are the "Fieldblazer" style Muck Boots for men. The were on-sale at Bass Pro Shop a few weeks back so we were all over them. Hubs even got a pair. They are hotter on him! like smokin' hot. He probably thinks the opposite. Men. 

I can't wait to try them out. Honestly it was too hot there for a while for me to even think about putting my sandal-lovin' toes in these babies but now that the arctic chill has swept through, I think I'll break them in this weekend! I'm excited!! Go get you some so we can be hot together, please?!

Making things difficult

Why I make things so difficult is beyond me. Seriously.

There are a few things I'm OCD over (like my sticky notes!) but for the most part....laundry goes unfolded, toys.are.everywhere, piles of unopened mail, half empty water bottles in the car (hey, you never know!)....that's me. It is what it is. Right now LIFE is so much more important. My kids will only be little once. I'll never get this time back being 30-something.

So WHY do I make things more difficult than they ought be?

So, before I even go any further with this blog, let me just clarify a few things:
  1. The cute little blog frames. Gone. Done. Too much work!
  2. Yes, I have a photography business, fancy equipment but NO I normally don't have it with me and even when I do, I still use my cellphone 98% of the time for taking pictures. And yes, most of my images are blurry and crazy but honestly, this blog is for fun. I'm going to keep it that way and NOT stress over the perfect blog pictures for now! And I'm refusing to feel bad about it. Got it, self? mmkay.
  3. There will be no rhyme or reason to my posts. I will do them when I get the chance and hopefully I will figure out some sort of schedule later on. But for now, I'll be jumping all over the place with my posts. Sorry about that.
  4. Well thought out posts - yeah that's tiring! 
Oh you didn't even notice the blog frames and you aren't seeing very clever posts? Yeah, chances are that's the case. And part of the reason for this stems from my business blog where I had to always be "on" for clients. Honestly, this post is for me and me only. Most people could care less. But it is off my chest and out there just in case someone wanted to judge me for being so totally "not together".

A famous man once said....“I am what I am, and that's all that I am.” He's so smart, that Popeye!

Do you see me? Yep, that's me, clinging on for dear life to life.
This blog will be fun and easy. No fuss. From here on out!

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