Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Just One Drop

It's been raining in North Carolina.
and raining.
....and raining!!

We've had an unusually wet summer. Normally we are under a major drought at this point but I think we are one rainbow shy of downloading plans to build us an ark!! "Hold on Noah, we're coming!"

We headed out to the Barnhouse to mow the other night. We knew we had very little time. We saw the clouds rolling in as we left our house and knew we had to be quick about this. 

We had a plan....Lukie-poo (eventually, he's going to hate that I call him that!) and I were going to ride on the Bacca-mobile and collect trash as the hubs mowed.

SIDE NOTE: By the way, WHY do people litter? I can't stand litter. The main thing we collect is beer cans and bottles...and McD's wrappers. What's up with that? Hey folks, have you ever thought that maybe you should drink your beer at home? GASP! And perhaps throw your garbage in your own trash can. Heck, you can even throw it in your own yard if you so choose. 

I shudder to think how many people are driving around drinking alcohol.
And I shudder to think what other peoples homes look like if they lack such care for our beautiful country. It makes me sad folks. And it's REALLY gross.

End rant.

Back on point.... instead of mowing, because hubs knew he had very little time, he decided to do a little roof and gutter maintenance. Check out my man! "Arrr Arr Arrr!" ;) Hey, there's nothing sexier than a workin' man with a back-pack leaf blower in shorts and boots!!

Well, there is a workin' man doing laundry.
or vacuuming. 
or putting the kids to bed.
or praying with our family!

But back to the point, it is a shame the disrepair of this place. The roof isn't that old but there are some yucky leaks and, get this, there are NO GUTTERS! No gutters. What house has no gutters? They are important and this is why......

If you don't have gutters, you understand these pictures. You get get a monsoon and flooding. Again... "STOP THE BOAT!!"

Which reminds me, I really need some rainboots. I should've hit the Tractor Supply when they had their horse-cowgirl-boot-rain-shoe sale! I could've been a REAL country girl! But nevertheless, I think I'll get me some of these instead! Deciding a color would be my downfall. There's that, and needing a loan!
Hunter ® Rain boots
And maybe these for when I'm feeling feisty this winter! Don't you love that color? 

Artic Adventure Muck Boots ®
Winter Boots 


....and it rained....

(Now, don't go minding all those electrical wires just floating around waiting for an innocent bystander! The power is disconnected, no worries!)

 After all was said and done, we picked up the garbage from the street, made a lap around the property for kicks and giggles, going as fast as we could.....

..................and then the bottom dropped out! We parked ole 'bacca just in time for the Lukester to make it to the Jeep safe-and-sound and with not a drop on him; while I, in the meantime, had to put away the keys, lock up the house and then make a mad dash to the Jeep.

I was soaked.
And it was fun.
Good times folks. good times.

This post made me think of a current fave on Christian radio these days. And the lyrics go a little like this...

I need you, and you need me
Left alone, we will never be who we could be
So take my hand and, don't forget that
We can do anything together

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Just one drop of your love
A single ray of sun
Just one thing to change the world
It's just you and me
Starting with a dream
And giving it all we've got
Only takes one drop

Come with me now, look and see how
There's an ocean overflowing with our hope so
Let's jump in and, take a swim, it's
You and me, yeah forever

Dear Hubs, 

This is the beginning of our dream. 
It's just you and me.
Let's jump in.
Let God be our single ray of sun.
Let's give it all we've got.
It only takes one drop.

You + Me = Forever

Manda Bear

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