Monday, March 30, 2015

Master Bedroom Makeover Reveal!

I am ashamed to say that we have lived in this house for a year now, "Happy Homie-versary" to us!, and we had yet to actually DO anything to the upstairs living area which includes our master bedroom.

These are all pictures from before we moved in. And yes! we ended up owners of the vintage bedroom suit!!

The most we've done to the room was move in our bed, a couple of dressers and a bunch of junk! "They" always say that your master bedroom should be a haven know....good rest! :) But it's always just been an after-thought, if that. Even at our old house. Well a week ago, Alanna was super sick and puked in our bed (lovely, right?!) and we went to change the sheets and bedding and it was just pathetic. The before was like a college boy lived there. Grungy comforter, gross pillows - most of which didn't even have a pillow case. Then to top it off, my nightstand was covered in baby junk, bobby pins and used tissues. Seriously....I'm a grown woman. What's so difficult about using a trash can and remembering to dis-bobby-pin my hair before bed??

It was time for a grown-up look and time to make our room special, just for that we can relax and um....sleep...well! ;)

So on Friday, while hubby took the van to get the tires rotated, I pain-stakingly (not really) shopped Marshalls....all the one had to pee, nothing got knocked off the shelves. It was bliss, really. We should rotate the tires more often. I had the tiniest buggy in the entire store, I'm sure of it, and it was piled high with pillows, blankets, sheets....(and clothes and shoes! shhhh!).

This is what I came up with on a limited budget and repurposing things from throughout the house.

Check it out! Grown ups with a grown up bed and fancy pictures on the wall! And it's sooo super comfy. I love a comfy bed. Now if Alanna would only let me SLEEP in said comfy bed.

Jasper was super excited to help me rip the sheets off the bed and clean everything out of the room. (This is a REAL "before" shot!)

This boy will get away with everything. Forever. Because he is that kid. The one that winks and makes you forget he is the biggest stinker on the planet!

  More before pictures. Where the littlest squirt (pretends to) sleep.

See? Borrrrrring!!

But now.... now it's so peaceful.
Every night since has been a little bit more restful knowing that things are in order. There are no stinky tissues covering the table - well until last night when I decided to come down with (another) sinus infection! argh! But it just feels good knowing that at least one room is closer to being done.

My mom recently moved and gave me these curtains. I had forgotten about them when I was picking out the bedding. But they work perfectly. Hubs is so excited to have a dungeon again for sleeping! I think the curtains are totally what transformed the room. I went with a simple & cheap rod from, none other than, Wal-mart. I actually had bought these for the boys room but have yet to get to that project. They were handy, so they were used.

Schweeeeeet little lovies.
(And, yes, this co-sleeper (from Babies R Us) is typically secured against our bed)

This furniture was given to us by my stepdad. It was his mother's and came all the way from Cali. I absolutely fell in love with it while we were there. I love the shapes, the handles, the color of wood is perfect. It holds all my lovelies just perfectly as well.

I knotted up my tights so they would be all nice and neat. Does anyone else do this?
These two. Sigh.
I never knew how much I loved this man until I saw him with our daughter.
He's most definitely my honeysuckle.
And I'm his honeybee.
One more shot of the room....

I love it! I still want to paint the dresser on the left with chalk paint and distress it, I want to add a few rugs for some added color. And I even think I want to do something fun on the far right wall. Maybe some chicken wire, add some white lights to set the mood...again...for sleeping, of course. I'm not done but it is already SO much better than it was before!!

So now you know where I sleep.

And that's a tad creepy....


You & Me wall art from Hobby Lobby
Always Kiss Me Goodnight wall art from Marshalls
Soft suzanni-style printed, king size blanket from Marshalls
LOVE pillow, Teal throw pillows, Gray over-sized pillows, all from Marshalls
Calvin Klein sheets from Marshalls
Mint Laura Ashely frame from Marshalls
Love You More block art from Marshalls
Petal Candle Holder & Chevron Ring Holder from Marshalls

Repurposed items or things that were already in the room....

Comforter (had on hand) from Ikea
Lamp from Marshalls
Faux Fur Throw from Marshalls (use as a photography prop!)
Oversized Jack (I think) from Marshalls
Vintage Quilt, Quilt Stand & Lamp
Vintage Oversized Mason Jar
Candle Lantern - gifted to me from a client's wedding reception
Bamboo Blinds from Home Depot (I think...because I waffled between there and!)

*Some have, we do not have a headboard right now. That's another future project! We currently use the base from an old water bed (hello 80's!) so that we have the extra drawers for storage. Could definitely use a bed skirt.

I believe that's everything! I would say the overhaul cost us around $200 for everything from Marshalls that I purchased during this trip! Not too shabby for a made-over looooooove shack!!

One more time...

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