Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My 21 Day Fix: DAY FOUR

4 G • 3P • 4R • 3Y • 1B • 1O • 4 tsp
(modified b/c of breastfeeding)

(Today I was at a class so no pictures really!)

Scrambled eggs (1 red)
Mixed Fruit (1 purple)
Activia Yogurt (I only ate half b/c it seemed SO sweet!) (1/2 red ?)
Coffee (1 half n half) <<<CHEATER ALERT!

Banana (1/2 purple)
Mini mixed peppers (1/2 green)
6 almonds (1/2 blue)

Fajita chicken with peppers & onions (1 red & 1 green)
Lettuce mix with salsa (1/2 green & 1/2 purple)
6 tortilla chips (1/2 yellow ??)
Rice & Beans (1/2 yellow)
Guacamole (1/2 blue)

Strawberries (1/2 purple)
Shakeology (1 red)
1 tsp Peanut Butter
Roasted Kale (1 green)
1 tsp coconut oil

Turkey Sausage cubed (1/2 red)
Veggie 1-egg omelet (1 green & 1/2 red)
Whole wheat toast with peanut butter & banana (1 yellow, 1 tsp, 1/2 purple)



Not being able to plan my day made this a little more difficult than the first few days. I tried really hard to measure accordingly but my measurements may have been off some so I skipped my last snack of the night. It was SUPER hard for me to skip the junk food that they had for snacks during my class. Today is the first time I've really craved the junk and sweet stuff. Honeybuns and Swiss Cake Rolls were begging and pleading for me to eat them. I resisted and had my bananas and ate my snacks that I packed. I was really really tired today but "PUSHED PLAY" anyway! Pilates felt really good, too!

Ready for sleep!

My 21 Day Fix: DAY THREE

4 G • 3P • 4R • 3Y • 1B • 1O • 4 tsp
(modified b/c of breastfeeding)



1 scoop Chocolate Shakeology (1 red)
1 cup unsweetened Almond Milk
Mixed berries (1 purple)
Natural Peanut Butter or PB2 (1 tsp)


Peppers & Carrots (1/2 green)
Blueberries (1/2 purple)


(Sorry for the blurry photo...plus it looks like a sloppin' mess on my plate! Let me reassure you, it was absolutely DELISH!)


My Takeaways:
I'm loving whipping up different recipes and combining things together that I never would have before. And...HOLY LEG BURN! I am so out of shape. But that's the point, right?!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My 21 Day Fix: Day TWO

4 G • 3P • 4R • 3Y • 1B • 1O • 4 tsp
(modified b/c of breastfeeding)

 (Yes, I boiled my oatmeal over!)

I missed snack today because breakfast was way later than normal but plenty filling with both dishes. I guess we could call breakfast "Snackfast" ha ha!



(You can always sub 4 ounces of the almond milk for water)


2 raspberries & 1 tsp almond butter


I weighed myself tonight. I am down THREE POUNDS since Sunday! And I seriously cannot eat another bite! My body is on FIRE from the workout but I have so much more energy....albeit I'm tired and ready for some snoozing! I can't believe how much food I'm eating but I look less bloated and have lost the three pounds. You can't beat that!!

If you want to know how I'm doing it, comment below, send me an email (ourpeacefulhaven @ gmail . com - remove the spaces). Or you can check out my Beachbody Coach Website to see success stories, read about the 21 Day Fix and join my team!!


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow Days

Yesterday, the weatherman had given a Winter Storm Warning to our county with several inches of snow and ice. Of course, this means we'll get nothing BUT ice and North Carolina will shut down!

The sleet came while I was at the office yesterday afternoon and continually fell late into the night. I didn't even set my alarm this morning because I had a feeling the ice wasn't going anywhere.

This morning around 6:38 my eyes popped open and I was panicking I had overslept. Of course, I was the only one in the house awake.

This sweet little lady was snoozing away....of course! Isn't that the life of a mom?! I could've slept a little longer and couldn't and the baby was fast asleep. But I wouldn't trade that memory for anything!!

I went on downstairs and the boys are always so good about being quiet (until they see me). They were so excited that it snowed ice! L-man proceeded to tell me how I would be jealous that he didn't have to go to school today. Yes son, I am indeed jealous!! I miss snow days!

I told them to look at me and smile...
L-man said "But momma, you can't even tell if I'm smiling! Is Scooby smiling?"
I thought "Oh son....those eyes....yes I know if you are smiling!"
 "Take a 'pick-chur' of my gloves, ma-ma!"

They played longer than I thought they would. It was freezing out there!!

After wet boots and icy pants were left in a puddle at the front door, their first request was hot chocolate with whipped cream!

Making memories here!
About that time, my ride showed up for work (I wasn't driving in this mess!). So off I trudged. The sky was just starting to turn a little blue.

I love when hubs sends me pics of the kids while I'm at work.
 I don't love when hubs sends me pics of my sweet little princess crying :( She's cold daddy!!!!
Ahhhh, that's better!

Look at those cheeks. (I wonder how many times I've said that she since was born?!?)

I love snow days. Just wish I was always home to enjoy them.
Thankful for the time that I was...

My 21 Day Fix Journey: Day ONE

4 G • 3P • 4R • 3Y • 1B • 1O • 4 tsp
(modified b/c of breastfeeding)


1 scoop Chocolate Shakeology (1 Red)
All-natural Peanut Butter (1 tsp)
Mixed Berries (1/2 purple)
8 oz water
4 oz unsweetened Almond Milk


(RECIPE: Hummus Vinaigrette: 1/2 blue container of hummus, vinegar, cumin, cayenne pepper, pepper & Himalayan sea salt)

Greek Yogurt (1 red)
Organic Whole-grain Granola (1/2 yellow)
Chopped raspberries (1/4 purple)
Organic Honey (1 tsp)



1/2 Apple (1/2 purple)
Almond Butter (1tsp)


I'm STUFFED! I never eat this much food...not to mention, my meals have never been this colorful each meal! I didn't eat all of the suggested servings for this calorie bracket, which I figure should be just fine since I technically should be in the step below. If this is what "dieting" is like then I'm all over it! ;)

I also learned that PLANNING the entire day is VITAL to getting everything in and also, not going over on a certain container. There's no way I could've done this without writing it down and checking things off. MEAL PLANNING IS ESSENTIAL!

Day 1 in the books! This was fun!

**Please note: It is entirely possible that I miscalculated or mis-photoshopped my description of the foods I had each day. Always measure and calculate to match your container needs.**

Monday, February 16, 2015

My 21 Day Fix Journey: BEFORE

I start my 21 Day Fix journey today. These little containers sure look awfully small.....

Will I starve to death?!
Will I stick with the workouts??
Can I really do this while I'm still nursing an eight month old and not totally screw up my milk supply?

Ya reckon I way over think things.?
Of course I won't starve to death. Chances are, I'll be eating more food than I normally do...just better, good-for-me foods!
Yes, I WILL stick to the workouts because not only is this for ME, it's for my kids. It's for my fellow challengers and coaches who are doing this with me. And I will because I said I will. That should be enough!
And yes, I can do this because I will keep a close eye on my supply and if needed, I'll increase my water. I've already bumped up a calorie bracket as suggested.

So yeah.

I'm doing this.

My goal weight is 125 and to be toned and able to make it through an entire workout session without dying....I mean modifying.

I want to go up my flight of steps without my legs burning!!!
I want to eat healthier and FEEL GOOD!


So here we go.

21 Days.
6 little containers.
Daily workouts.

I've got this!!!! See you on the other side!

Want more info on the 21 Day Fix? Contact me or visit my Team Beachbody Coach Page!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Chores are a Bore: "The Knights of Eller Castle"

The nightly chore for L-man is unloading the dishwasher.

"It's soooo borrrring" he says.
every time.

As a seven year old boy, he probably does just loathe it...after all, I'm taking him away from the beloved computer. But secretly I think he might love it because I gush all over him when he's done! Not to mention that while during, we get to chat while I'm fixing dinner and usually he'll start helping me once he's done.

Whether he hates it or loves it is beyond me.

But this wouldn't have happened if he didn't have this chore.....

 "Sworrrrrrrd fiiiiiiiiiiiight!!!!" 

Part of me wants to duck and hide and apologize for the mess.
But the mess is real.
It's us.

And let's face it. We probably need to be more real every now and then for the sake of all other "real moms" out there.

So you're welcome!

They can sword fight any day while I cook supper.

After all. Cooking supper can sometimes be "soooo borrrring"!
But when it involves moments like this....I do secretly love it.

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