Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My Erin Condren Planner......I succumbed to the peer pressure!

This post contains affiliate links. I purchased an Erin Condren planner with my own money on my own accord. If you want one of your own, feel free to use my link and I'll get $10 for referring you, my friend!! Don't forget to create your own account for $10 off your first order!

I caved.

I've been hearing all about Erin Condren Planners for years. Seriously, every photographer and her mother has one. Any good mother that is. {insert shameless guilt trip} So I figure if I'm going to be a REAL homeschooler, (and a good mother at that!), I should probably start getting my ducks in a row and being a little more intentional...a little more organized. Or else we'll all be pulling out our hair two weeks in!

I know my family. We can make a mess and it doesn't really drive us crazy, but we thrive best when there's order and routine. I'm really hoping that my new planner will be the miracle that everyone says they are.

Maybe it'll even wash the dishes or scrub toilets.

But if not, at least I'll know when I need to do those things instead of just guessing that it was Monday, three weeks ago. We will be real grown-ups.

There are so so so many pretty planners.

I had a hard time choosing but I didn't labor over it. I went with my gut and actually hit "complete purchase" before I gave it a second thought. Shocker. Yes, I know.

I got the purdy little watercolor ditty below. It's no secret I love watercolor art!


 Isn't it pretty?! I love the quote....

"Nothing can dim the light that shines from within."

That might be my new motto for the rest of the year, I love it that much. I'm committing it to memory and something that I'll remind myself of daily. I almost can't believe how everything has transpired...but God is faithful to those that trust Him. I will continue to let the light of Jesus shine and be witness to the goodness that is Him. I'll continue to pray for God to guide, lead, direct, prod, push, pull, show me. I'm so excited!!!

But back to the planner....The price tag on it is a tad hefty; however, I hear that they are worth every single solitary dime. I'm sure I'll love it. I love to plan and organize. Hopefully I will use this baby to it's full potential.

I also got one of their snap-in meal planner accessories. I think I'll love this because it wipes off, it can move from one week to the next and I won't have to use my daily spots for meals. I like that. And I love lists so this makes my eyes happy!

My planner should ship sometime in the next week. Once it arrives, I'll take some pretty pictures and do a quick initial "first impression" review! Can't wait!! 

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